Super Bowl Nachos and 49ers, Ravens Themed Cocktail Ideas


Nothing says ‘Super Bowl’ quite like a good party. The staples of any Super Bowl party lie away from the television and on the table. Hot wings, chips, dips, chili, pizza, and nachos all come to mind on Super Bowl Sunday. After all, it’s the second-largest food consumption day of the year after Thanksgiving. It’s also one of the biggest days for alcohol consumption in the United States.

With that said, I’m going to provide you with my world-famous recipe for BBQ chicken nachos. This enormous platter always goes over well at parties, and the best part about it is it’s easy to assemble and will keep you out of the kitchen once the game starts.

BBQ chicken nachos go over well at any party.


1 bag of Tortilla Chips

1-2 pounds Chicken Breast

1 jar of your favorite BBQ sauce

1 large bag of cheese. Medium Cheddar and Monterey Jack work well

1 can Black Beans

1 can Sweet Corn

1 can of slice Black Olives

1 red and/or yellow Bell Pepper

6 Avacados

1 jar of Salsa

At least six hours before serving, chop the chicken breast and peppers. Let marinade in BBQ sauce. Save a little sauce for later.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Bake chicken and peppers for approximately 20 minutes. While baking, place a layer of chips on a baking sheet. Cover with cheese. Continue to layer with more chips and cheese until the chips are gone. Pour can of beans and corn into medium pot and heat on stove. Add the leftover BBQ sauce, and stir regularly. Meanwhile, mash the avocados in a mixing bowl. Add lime juice, garlic salt, pepper, and a scoop or two of salsa to the guacamole mix. Once chicken and peppers are done, toss the chips in for 2-3 minutes, just enough to melt the cheese. Remove from oven and dump the baked chicken, and beans and corn over the top. Sprinkle with olives (add jalapenos if you want some kick). Serve with bowls of guacamole and salsa on the side for dipping.

If beer isn’t your thing to wash these bad boys down with, I’ve come up with some San Francisco 49er and Baltimore Ravens themed cocktails.

Crouching 9er

1 and one-half parts Citrus-flavored Rum

Half part 151-Proof Rum

Splash of Maraschino Liqueur

1 and one-half parts Cranberry Juice

Shake with ice and strain

Red Bicep

2 parts Orange Juice

1 part Vermouth

Three-quarter part Red Curacao

Shake with ice and strain

The Purple Poe

1 and one-quarter parts Gin

Three-quarter part Lemon Juice

Three-quarter part Creme de Noyaux

Splash of Cherry Brandy

Shake with ice and strain

Sloppy Joe

1 part Brandy

1 part Port

2 splashes of Triple Sec

splash of Grenadine

1 part Pineapple Juice

Shake with ice and strain

Enjoy and drink responsibly!

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