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Inside The Villain’s Venue: Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs


Orlando Franklin (74) blocks against Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston (50) in the first half at Arrowhead Stadium. Denver won the game 17-9. (John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports)

We’re back with Patrick Allen of Arrowhead Addict for some more questions about the Kansas City Chiefs. I can’t believe I’m about to use ‘best’ and ‘Chiefs’ in the same sentence, but Arrowhead Addict is hands down the best Chiefs’ site on the web.

With that said, I wanted to go to the best source to ask some questions about the future of the Chiefs.

Let’s go Inside the Villain’s Venue with Arrowhead Addict.

Predominantly Orange: Be honest. Who are Chiefs’ fans rooting for Sunday? After all, the Chiefs’ will get the No. 1 draft pick with a loss.

Arrowhead Addict: As I always do, I will root for the Chiefs. Last week, when the Chiefs were giving the Colts a game, I was cheering for them and at the same time, I felt very conflicted. I knew the win would be meaningless and that what was best for the Chiefs was to lose. But you can’t help yourself. When they blew it, I was both mad and relieved.

The trick this week for Chiefs fans, is to root for the Chiefs AND the Jaguars. Jacksonville is playing a very winnable game against the Titans. The Jags have also been playing better football with Henne at QB. I think they can win, meaning no matter what the Chiefs do, KC will still have the #1 pick.

That said, it’d take a herculean effort for the Chiefs to upset the Broncos but it isn’t impossible. KC’s D gave Denver a decent game at Arrowhead.

PO: What are the top three needs for the Chiefs in the upcoming draft? Do you see the team making a significant improvement?

AA: QB, QB and QB. After those three, KC could use help at MLB, CB, DE and WR. I think they can fill most of those needs in free agency. If they can do that, they have enough talent to take the best player available in the draft.

PO: The Chiefs put up 353 rushing yards last week, yet still lost to the Colts. Explain.

AA: Brian Daboll, KC’s offensive coordinator, is a bit of a numskull. The Chiefs love to use Jamaal Charles to get into the red zone at which time they start giving the ball to second or third string backs or worse, they throw it with Brady Quinn. The passing game is bad and so when the Chiefs run out of room to run their zone blocking schemes, they stall out. Regardless of things tightening up, Charles is still your best bet but they tend to ignore him. A QB would make a world of difference.

PO: Where will Romeo Crennel be next season?

AA: Best case: Back in New England, running the defense.

Worst case: Retired. (worst case for him, best case for the Chiefs).

PO: Give us your prediction for Sunday’s contest. 

AA: Romeo knows how to slow Peyton Manning down. Peyton usually has a below average game (for him) when going against Crennel’s defenses. That is a plus in the Chiefs’ column but the problem is slowing Manning down is one thing, stopping him is another. Crennel was able to beat Manning in New England because he had Tom Brady on the other side of the ball to score points.

There is a Brady in KC but his name aint’ Tom.

Denver may not score as many points is you are used to but there is no guarantee the Chiefs will score any at all.

Denver 20, Chiefs 3

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