John Fox Discusses Manning’s Self-Assesment


John Fox on his sidelines during the game against the Baltimore Ravens. (USA Today Sports)

The Denver Broncos didn’t have to take to the practice field Monday, but John Fox and Co. still stepped through the Dove Valley doors despite it being Christmas Eve.

Fox met with the media, and the two hot topics were Peyton Manning’s self-assessment and whether this team compares to Fox’s 2003 Carolina Panthers team.

“I think he looks very good,” Fox said of Manning. “Nobody knows their body like themselves. We talk to players about that whenever there’s injury or recovery or monitoring their body. This is a long, grueling season for any position. Whether it’s legs, arms, you name it, nobody’s 100 percent at this stage of an NFL season. I just see how hard he works and the time—I mentioned to the broadcast team last week, he has it down to a science as far as time management in an NFL season. I saw him in the cool tub watching his iPad. Someone asked me if I was concerned about the iPad. No, I don’t care about the iPad. I care about him. Don’t want him to get electrocuted. Anyway, it’s remarkable how he works.”

In just his second season as head coach of the Panthers, Fox brought them to the Super Bowl in 2003. Now in his second season with the Broncos, the team is the favorite to win the Super Bowl.

On the comparison, Fox said,

“I think very similar. Every year is different. Sometimes where your competition lines up throughout the playoffs, you do need a little luck. You have to be playing your best at that time. That’s what we have stressed all year is to just improve every week. For the most part, we haven’t been perfect in any week, but I think we’ve improved overall in situational football, which is how you win and how you win championships. Doing the comparison is hard. I’ve liked this team since we first came together in the offseason. Luckily, we’ve improved and hopefully we’ll continue moving forward.”

On if he can tell that Manning is having to work harder after his neck injuries