Inside The Villain’s Venue: Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs


An overall view of Arrowhead Stadium before the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals. (John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE)

This week we have the one and only Patrick Allen from Fansided’s Arrowhead Addict to answer our questions about the Kansas City Chiefs.

At 1-9, Chiefs’ fans have stuck a fork in their own team. With that said, I had to ask Patrick about the head coaching position and the team’s unsteady quarterback situation among other things.

Let’s go Inside the Villain’s Venue with the best Chiefs’ site out there, Arrowhead Addict.

Predominantly Orange: What a rough first full season for Romeo Crennel. Do we still see him in the head coaching seat after this season?

Arrowhead Addict: Absolutely not. It has become pretty evident that Crennel is in over his head. I admit I thought he was the right choice when he was hired and I attributed his struggles in Cleveland to what was a barren wasteland of a roster. Now, however, it is clear that Crennel coaches an undiciplined football team. For all of Kansas City’s faults this season, discipline and focus is the major culprit and that is on Crennel.

PO: Talk about the Chiefs’ quarterback situation. Who will we see start on Sunday?

AA: By the time you post this the decision may be made. Crennel said on Monday he would decide on Wednesday who the starter would be. I’d think it will be Brady Quinn. Cassel has already been benched by Crennel twice.

But don’t worry. Quinn or Cassel is six of one half dozen of the other.

PO: The Chiefs have a 4th ranked rushing attack, but they’re last in points per game. What’s going on there? Can we place most of the blame on turnovers?

AA: Here is what the Chiefs do. When they manage to get a drive going, it is usually thanks to the efforts of Jamaal Charles with maybe one decent pass mixed in. As soon as they get into the red zone they do either one or all of the following:

1. Take Charles out.

2. Jump off sides.

3. Give the ball to third string back Shaun Draughn for a two-yard loss.

4. Call a stupid pass play that they are never able to execute. Likely a bubble screen.

5. Fumble.

I’m not joking. I am pretty sure that, on more than one occasion, all five of those things have happened in order.

In the instances where the Chiefs fail to fumble, they kick a FG. Usually one or two per game. Touchdowns usually come in garbage time, if they come at all.

PO: Leading the league in sacks (13) and tackles for a loss, Von Miller is being compared to the late Derrick Thomas. Thoughts?

AA: I see it. Miller is clearly a superior player. He obviously has a ways to go before we can really hammer down the DT comparisons but the guy is a force. I really hate that he is on the Broncos.

PO: Finally, your prediction for Sunday’s game. 

AA: Normally I would say the game might be closer than some expect. I say this because Romeo Crennel has traditionally been pretty successful against Peyton Manning. With the Patriots, Browns and Chiefs, Manning tends to perform below average when playing a Crennel defense.

But all that goes out the window when your team is playing as poorly as the Chiefs. Even if the defense puts up a valiant effort for a couple of quarters, the lack of scoring and the turnovers from the KC offense will eventually catch up to them.

Chances are, this one goes just like all the other Chiefs games this season.

Broncos 35, Chiefs 10

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