D.J. Williams Allowed To Return To The Broncos


Outside linebacker D.J. Williams (55) during the first quarter against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. (Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE)

After serving a nine game suspension, veteran Denver Broncos’ linebacker D.J. Williams was allowed to fully return to work Monday. He will be able to play against the San Diego Chargers Sunday if the coaching staff deems him ready.

The Broncos’ 2004 draft pick first served a six-game suspension for violating the league’s performance enhancement policy. He gave a “non-human” urine sample in one of his drug tests. Then Williams was suspended an additional three games for driving while ability impaired (DWAI). A jury found him guilty of the offense on Aug. 15.

Williams doesn’t normally talk to the media, but he was made available Monday afternoon to talk about his return to the team.

“When you’re watching games, and you know things happen, you wish you could be out there helping your teammates, but I did the crime, got to do the time,” Williams said.

Williams spent the bulk of the nine weeks working out at the University of Miami with a trainer. He stayed close to his mother, and tried to remain focused on his return.

“During the whole time, I learned a lot about myself, a lot about my true character and things about myself,” Williams said. “During that whole time it was two and a half months, I was really by myself alone working out, things like that.”

As for how the Broncos will use Williams this week, and in the coming weeks, that remains to be seen.

“I wouldn’t say that I’m ready to go 70, 80 plays, but I’m in pretty good shape,” Williams said. “I’ve been back here the last three weeks working out with the strength coaches here, getting the altitude in my lungs, things like that so I feel pretty good.”

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