Broncos Have Returned to National Relevance


The Denver Broncos and running back Willis McGahee (23) have made the Mile High Salute relevant again (Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE).

The Denver Broncos are back to basking in the glory of the national spotlight – and with everything that’s gone on over the past year plus, why not?

The real-life story lines would rival Hollywood.  Quarterback changes, front office drama, miraculous and historic comebacks, and a franchise that has redeemed itself from the depths.  It has all made for must see TV, and the executives responsible for the airwaves have noticed.

Dating back to last season, the Broncos have had the “A Crew” (Jim Nantz/Phil Simms for CBS, Joe Buck/Troy Aikman for FOX, Al Michaels/Chris Collisworth for NBC and Mike Tirico/Jon Gruden for ESPN) on the television call for an unprecedented twelve consecutive weeks including this Sunday’s primetime tussle with the New Orleans Saints.  Think about this for a moment.  For nearly an entire season, the Broncos have been broadcast into the majority of homes in America.

To contrast, during the Siberian winter darkness of this franchise in the later parts of 2010 and early 2011, the Broncos went 14-of-15 weeks without having a network’s “A Crew” with the lone exception coming on a long-slated Monday Night Football broadcast against the San Diego Chargers.

So when the Broncos step on the field on Sunday and Michaels and Collisworth step to the mic,  fans in Colorado and across the country can take solace in the fact that their Broncos have returned to relevance and more importantly, to winning.

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