Denver Broncos Give Up 436 Yards To Houston Texans In Loss


Wesley Woodyard intercepts a pass intended for Houston Texans wide receiver Kevin Walter (83) during the second quarter at Mile High. (Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE)

There’s no Denver without the ‘D.’ Turns out there’s no ‘W’ without the ‘D’ either. The Denver Broncos found that out for the second week in a row with a 31-25 loss to the Houston Texans Sunday afternoon.

“I just think they caught us on our heels a little bit maybe,” Wesley Woodyard said. “We at least came out with a safety so we kind of started fast.”

That safety quickly made it 2-0, but it takes way more than two points to beat a team that put up 31 points before the fourth quarter.

Quarterback Matt Schaub may have lost part of his ear in the Texans’ win, but he put up 290 yards and 4 touchdowns while only throwing one interception.

“The play action with a deep drop, the seven step drop was just something new to me,” rookie defensive tackle Derek Wolfe said. “It’s looking like outside zone. Then you see the quarterback taking seven steps back and launch it so that was definitely new to me.”

The Texans exposed the Broncos on the ground too. Arian Foster had 105 yards on 25 carries.

“Coming into the game, we knew that was their game plan,” Wolfe said. “Run the ball, play action pass and get us off our intensity. We knew they were going to do that and they did it really well.”

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