Steelers Vs. Broncos and the Mile High Experience


A general view of fans at a tailgate party before the first quarter between the Denver Broncos and the Pittsburgh Steelers at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. (Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE)

Before shifting 100% of my football attention to the upcoming matchup between the Broncos and the Falcons on Monday night, I have to visit last week’s home opener one more time.  As an out-of-state Bronco season ticket holder, sometimes it is challenging on a number of different levels to attend the games I would like to attend.  This was never more true during the magical season of 2011.  Unfortunately, I only attended one game last season, which is about six or seven games too few, in my opinion.  As a die-hard Bronco fan, and as I stated earlier, an out-of-state season ticket holder, I vowed that this would not happen again!

What better way to start the season than to watch Peyton Manning make his Bronco debut at home on Sunday Night Football?! In addition to the Manning storyline, the fact that the Steelers were returning to the location where their 2011 season abruptly ended, thanks to Tim Tebow and Demaryius Thomas, also added to the hype and excitement.  One week later, the big plays of the game are still as fresh in my memory as if they occurred only a couple of hours ago – the no huddle offense, the Roethlisberger sacks, Demaryius Thomas’ long touchdown reception, Manning’s overall performance, Derek Wolfe’s successful pro debut, and of course, Tracy Porter’s interception that he returned for a touchdown; thereby, securing a Bronco victory.

Not only was the action on the field memorable, the overall game day experience is truly an event every Bronco fan needs to experience at least once in their lifetime.  I am very fortunate that I have had the opportunity to attend 100+ Bronco games the last twenty years, and I am confident it is something I will never, ever get tired of doing.  Sure, a person can watch the games at home, but to see the Broncos in person is a totally different experience.  A typical game takes about three hours from start to finish, but when the Broncos are at home, it can be an all day event… very similar to a holiday celebration, thanks to all the events available to Bronco fans.  The Bronco Barn outside the south end of the stadium has been replaced by The Mile High Mountain Village, which is located inside the north end of the stadium.  If you are attending the game, your game ticket will allow you entry into the village where you can “get ready” for the game.  While visiting with football fans from both teams, there are numerous other things to occupy your time prior to kickoff – cheerleaders, Bronco alumni signing autographs, Miles the Mascot, and great food and drink specials to name a few.  After “tailgating,” whether inside the stadium at The Village or outside in the parking lot, the many sights and sounds of the stadium are something to experience.  You may have heard of Bronco Country, but if you are at the stadium for a Bronco game, you not only see it come to life, you become part of it.  Once you get to your seat and get ready for kickoff, the excitement and volume levels start to increase.  The player introductions, the sky divers, the national anthem, the fly over, the cheerleaders, and the fans around you – it all makes Bronco game day special and memorable.  Once the game begins, be ready to get into the game and be a part of it…  unlike if you’re watching it at home where the players can’t hear you shout!

Looking back to the 2011 season, attending only one game was a disappointment.  Thank goodness a new season is here, and it started in a very positive way for the Broncos! If nothing else, after only attending one game in 2011 and reflecting back to my trip to Colorado last week, it proved one thing to me – if you are a true, die-hard Bronco fan, the opportunity to see the Broncos live at Sports Authority Field at Mile High is unquestionably a special event.  For those Bronco fans that can’t make it in person for every game but don’t miss a game at home, I say to you “good job, keep up the great support and appreciate every minute you get to watch your Broncos, live.”  To those Bronco fans across this great country (and world for that matter) that have never seen the Broncos play in person, I say to you “get to Colorado as soon as you can to see the Broncos play, you will not be disappointed!”

Enjoy the season Bronco Country!

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