As if more proof was needed that Tim <..."/>
As if more proof was needed that Tim <..."/>

CBS to Air Buffalo Bills at New York Jets in Colorado Markets


The New York Jets and quarterback Tim Tebow will be aired in Colorado markets this Sunday (Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE).

As if more proof was needed that Tim Tebow‘s popularity is still through the roof in the Rocky Mountain region, CBS will air the Buffalo Bills versus New York Jets at 11 a.m. MT on Sunday.  The only other markets to get the game?  New York, New Jersey and the northern half of Pennsylvania.

Being a divisional game and a non-marquee match up on this first week of the season, this game would have usually been limited to regional interests only.  In fact, it is the number four (of five) game in terms of popularity that CBS will air in the early slot this week.

On a typical Sunday prior to last season there would be absolutely no interest in this game in Colorado and the ratings victory would go straight to FOX (Atlanta Falcons at Kansas City Chiefs).  But this is Tim Tebow we’re talking about.  Please name another backup quarterback who has dictated the programming decisions of out of market stations.  Hearing none, I declare that Tebow time is far from over in Denver Broncos Country.

It will be incredibly intriguing to see how Jets fans react when number 15 takes the field.  Fans of the Broncos know full well that their enthusiasm became a mitigating factor in Tebow usurping Kyle Orton‘s spot in the huddle.  If Tebow outshines Mark Sanchez in any way, expect a raucous New York crowd to turn their alliance on a dime.  It’s part of the allure of Tebow.  Get ready for a circus.

I for one will be watching the “early show” on CBS on Sunday.  Watching and waiting for the marquee event.

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