Inside The Villain’s Venue: Denver Broncos vs. Arizona Cardinals Preseason


The Denver Broncos face the Arizona Cardinals Thursday night in the team’s final preseason game. The Broncos’ starters will be sitting out, but that just means that we will have a better opportunity to scope out the rest of the depth chart.

With that, I thought I’d ask Scott Allen of Raising Zona some questions about the Cardinals since he knows them inside and out. Let’s see what the Broncos are up against as we go Inside the Villain’s Venue with Raising Zona.

PO: I have to go here. The Cardinals pursued Peyton Manning this off season. How disappointed were you that the Cardinals didn’t land him?

RZ: Actually – not extremely disappointed because my hopes didn’t get that high.  I pretty much knew he wouldn’t land in Arizona.  He basically made an appearance here for PR reasons.  I get that.  He still needs to step on the field in a regular season game.  Sure, he’s played ok in the preseason.  Regular season will be a whole other beast.  I think he’ll be good for Denver and their fans.

PO: Speaking of quarterbacks, who do you think wins the starting job in Arizona and why?

RZ: I still hold firm on Kevin Kolb.  Both he and John Skelton haven’t played particularly well in the preseason and neither is playing Thursday night as Ryan Lindley will get the start.  Kolb is the much better practice player, so if coach Ken Whisenhunt is going to base it off these last few days of practice, I’ve got to believe he will go with Kolb while reserving the right to bring Skelton into the game in a heartbeat.  Both guys are going to see extensive action this season, so it’s not like it matters.

PO: Are there any young players that have really surprised so far in camp and the first three preseason games that we should be watching for on Thursday?

RZ: Safety Justin Bethel from Presbyterian.  A sixth-round draft pick known for his special teams play has not disappointed.  He blocked nine kicks in his college career.  He’s already responsible for three blocks this preseason.

PO: Finally, as silly as it may be, can you give us a prediction for the final preseason game?

RZ: Broncos 37 Cardinals 11

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