Pete Carroll And Terrell Owens A Match-Made In Seattle?


For a split second during the Denver Broncos-Seattle Seahawks game, it looked like the 2008 Pro Bowl out there.

Champ Bailey was covering Terrell Owens and Bailey got the best of him. It was Bailey’s only pass deflection of the game and his only mark in the stat book other than zero, but it was still a statement-maker. It was veteran vs. veteran, two of the best of all time at their respective positions, at one time or another.

To be honest, that Bailey-Owens moment could have never happened if Seattle head coach Pete Carroll didn’t take a gamble on picking up the loud-mouthed wide receiver. Owens could have been spending another year on his leather couch away from football.

Instead Owens packed his bags for Seattle because they were the only team to actually pick up the dice in the first place. He put in two weeks of hard work on the practice field, and worked his way into Carroll’s heart in the meantime.

That’s why Owens got the call to start for the Seahawks Saturday night. That’s why Owens had the chance to break away from second year cornerback Chris Harris in the first half and literally have opportunity slip through his fingertips.

“That was the first big ball he’s had thrown to him in a long time and unfortunately it got away from him on the deep ball,” Carroll said of the sure-fire dropped touchdown pass following the game. “It was unfortunate, but he’s got to get back in action and it’s his first time out there, and he’s caught a lot of deep balls in practice, so I know he can make those plays for us.”

Carroll doesn’t shy away from acquiring fading and troublesome wide receivers. He picked up eight year veteran Braylon Edwards in the off season as well.

Owens didn’t have a reception against the Broncos, but that doesn’t matter to Carroll.

“I’ve seen him day-in and day-out and I know he’s working and how he’s learning the stuff,” Carroll said.

This is the last plane, train, or automobile to the NFL for Owens. He blows it here, and his career is likely over. Carroll, on the other hand, is bringing in the old to get the new to step it up.

It’s the ultimate win-win.

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