Inside The Villain’s Venue: Broncos V. Seahawks Preseason


The Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks Saturday night at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The week two preseason game begins at 7:00 PM MST.

Without any regular season games going on, we feel like all of the news coming out of Dove Valley has been beaten to death. That’s why we want to take a look at what the Seahawks have going on.

I asked Keith Myers, Fansided’s Seahawks’ expert some questions about the team he knows better than anybody. Keith writes for 12th Man Rising so be sure to go over and check out his site for all things Seahawks.

Now let’s go inside the Villain’s Venue with 12th Man Rising.

Q: For once Denver doesn’t haven’t a quarterback race, but the Seahawks are knee-deep in one. Can you explain what’s going on there, and who the fans want to be the starter?

A: Former Packer’s backup Matt Flynn is the starter, and rookie Russell Wilson is the backup. Pete Carroll hasn’t announced it officially, but that’s the way things are, and all the practice reps and pre-season playing time supports that.

Flynn will play the first half, and Wilson the 2nd half. 2011 starter Tarvaris Jackson has yet to play in the preseason, and baring injury to one of the other QBs, he wont. Expect him to be traded or cut soon.

Q: Obviously the big non-story story was the acquisition of T.O. Do you think he finds his way up from the bottom of the depth chart and eventually becomes a contributor for the Seahawks?

I honestly don’t know at this point. Owens has looked very good in practice with limited opportunities, but until he gets on the field and shows he can still get open, I don’t know what to think. I do think he either works his way into the starting lineup, or he gets cut. I don’t believe he makes the squad as a backup. I just don’t know yet if he can get there.

Q: Who are some players that we should keep an eye on in this week’s game?

A: Rookie defenders Bruce Irvin and Bobby Wagner are players worth watching. Both are really raw as football players, but are physically gifted enough to be outstanding if they can reach their potential. If the Seahawks defense is going to be significantly better than it was in 2011, it’ll be because of those two players.

Q: As silly as it is, can you give us a prediction for the game?

A: I predict that Bronco fans will be surprised that the size of Seahawk rookie RB Robert Turbin’s biceps. I also predict that Peyton Manning will lick his fingers a lot. How’s that? good enough? No?

Well then how about this: The Seahawks will have more rushing yards than the Broncos, and will milk the clock to a 3 point victory.

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