Peyton Manning Expected To Get More Playing Time For Broncos In Preseason Game No. 2


Week 2 of preseason play is typically the time where the starters get significant playing time. Rather than Peyton Manning seeing action in just one series, the Denver Broncos are expected to use him into the second quarter against the Seattle Seahawks.

“Last week we did the first’s for the first quarter, second’s for the second and third quarters, and third’s in the fourth,” head coach John Fox said. “It progresses this week. Our starters will play to the end of the second quarter. The second’s will take most of the second half, and the thirds will come in late in the fourth quarter.”

If you’re a third or fourth string player, you better hope that you played well in week one against the Bears. If you’re a fan, you’re hoping for no major injuries especially in the first half of play.

We can assume based on the intense work habits of Manning that he would prefer to play the entire game.

“It’s whatever Fox and Coach [Mike] McCoy want to do,” Manning said following Thursday’s practice. “Those guys are watching practice everyday, they’re watching the film, they’re making evaluations as far as how much each guy needs to play so I really leave that to them.”

Manning said last week that he felt a little more pressure to perform well because his playing time was so limited. This week, the pressure is still on, but it’s not as bad.

“I don’t know if it will be a half,” Manning said of his expected playing time. “It’s not a whole game, and so I still think it is a little bit more pressure that you’re only in there for a certain amount of plays and you want them all to go well.”

Last week’s game felt like a palette cleanser. This game leads into the main course. We’ll really get the chance to see what Manning can do in live action, how he connects with his receivers, how the offensive line has adjusted to his style, and how much the running backs will see more open holes because of his presence.

Park it in front of a television Saturday night at 7:00 PM MST to watch the Man go to work.

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