Peyton Manning Not Getting Extra Reps In First Preseason Game


The Denver Broncos go under the big lights Thursday night in Chicago when they take on the Bears in preseason game No. 1. As for how much playing time players will get, John Fox isn’t disclosing much other than what we already figure.

There’s no giving Peyton Manning extra reps just because he missed last season.

“Typically, our first play, roughly, some of the first quarter, seconds come in for the second and third, and our thirds finish the game and our fourths,” Fox said of Manning’s playing time against the Bears. “I don’t see us deviating too much from that.”

The Broncos aren’t in the planning stages for the Bears just yet. They will engage in some of that during Wednesday’s practice.

“We haven’t really gotten into their scheme too much,” No. 2 QB Caleb Hanie said. “We’re still in training camp mode. Usually the first preseason game, you don’t game plan a week ahead of time like normal.”

As for what Manning hopes to get out of this game, he says the big thing is consistency.

“I think we’d like to have some offensive rhythm out there,” Manning said. “I know the Bears are looking for the same thing defensively. There’s always some give and take in the preseason.”

The Bears’ defense ranked 5th against the rush and 28th against the pass in 2011. That doesn’t mean that Manning can take them lightly, however.

“They’ll be ready to go,” former Bears QB Caleb Hanie said of their defense. “They are very sound and disciplined. That front four is always very strong over there. Whoever tackles the runner in there, it seems like you can count about eight guys always. So, it’ll be a test for everybody.”

Game time is set for 6:30 p.m. MST on Thursday.

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