Broncos’ Brock Osweiler Soaking Up Reps Now


Even though Brock Osweiler is the biggest quarterback on the field at 6’7″, he’s obviously not the one people look at first. That’s a huge change for a guy who threw for 5,082 yards and 33 touchdowns at Arizona State.

Now he sits third on the depth chart behind Peyton Manning and Caleb Hanie.

“I’m going to come out here every single day and give it my all and try to get better so when September 1 rolls around and we put in place our final depth chart, I’m as high on that depth chart as I need to be and where the football team needs me,” Osweiler said.

Osweiler is sure to see playing time in the second half Thursday night against the Bears.

“As a quarterback in preseason, my goals would be to move the offense, get first downs, have a high completion percentage, score points, when we’re in the red zone and don’t turn the football over,” Osweiler said.

Osweiler is excited to get take his first snap in the NFL, but admits that his nerves are riding high as well.

“I’ve always been told the day that the butterflies don’t show up is the day that you need to retire,” Osweiler said. “I’m just looking forward to getting on the field and slinging the football around a little bit.”

After preseason ends, Osweiler will be riding the pine with limited reps in practice. He’s sure to watch plenty of film, however. That’s just the name of the game for the guy who sits two spots behind Manning. In fact, the first preseason game may be the most important for Osweiler.

“They’re going to play in crunch time and that’s the fourth quarter,” John Fox said of whether the third-teamers will get valuable experience playing on Thursday. “You want to give them every chance to have success as you can, so that’s what’s always fun about this first preseason game.”

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