Broncos’ Elvis Dumervil Will Not Be Charged In Alleged Assualt


Defensive end Elvis Dumervil was facing a class 3 felony charge of aggravated assault with a weapon stemming from a road rage incident in Miami on July 14.

The defensive star for the Broncos received good news Tuesday when his attorney, Harvey Steinberg, called and let him know that he will not be charged in the incident.

“It’s a blessing that the investigators took the time and got the truth out, and did their due diligence,” Dumervil said after Tuesday’s practice.

Dumervil spent one night in jail after an argument in South Beach led to Dumervil and a friend allegedly came at the divers in the other car, lifting up their shirts and showing a gun in their pants.

“I was raised a certain way,” Dumervil said. “Having to make that phone call to your mom, getting out of jail, she was the first person I called. I wanted to make sure she didn’t overreact or get too stressed.”

As for what Dumervil learned from the incident, he said that he’s learned his lesson about “being at the the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The NFL could still decide to punish Dumervil for his conduct as this was his second time he was arrested in less than two years. The first incident occurred when Dumervil was cited for assault and disturbing the peace with a parking lot attendant at Invesco Field.

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