Former Broncos WR Larry Brunson Knows AFC West Well


Perhaps no person knew the AFC West in the 1970’s better than NFL wide receiver Larry Brunson.

Brunson played for the Kansas City Chiefs (1974-1977), the Oakland Raiders (1978-1979), and the Denver Broncos (1980) during his seven year NFL career.

Attending the Barrels of Love Foundation event, I had to do it. I had to ask Brunson which city was the most difficult to play in.

“Without a doubt Oakland,” Brunson said. “It was tough because everybody hated you so much if you weren’t wearing their colors. Kansas City was so-so, but Denver, that’s where my heart is. That’s where I live, that’s where I grew up. I’ve always been a Bronco fan.”

Brunson grew up in Cortez, Colorado, and then went to school at the University of Colorado. The Rocky Mountain High runs thick in his blood, and he even decided to settle in Denver permanently to sell residential real estate.

While in the NFL, Brunson had 104 career receptions for 1,787 yards, and 6 touchdowns.

So what does Brunson think of this year’s squad?

“I like what I see in Peyton Manning. He is the ultimate football player in my opinion. I think if there was something in the dictionary that said this is the perfect ball player, I think Peyton Manning’s picture would be right next to it…I say three years, give him three healthy years, and he’ll bring home a Super Bowl ring.”

From Brunson’s lips to the football gods.

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