Tim Tebow To Be Used On Return Teams, Also


Let’s face it. A lot of Broncos Country will be keeping an eye out on Tim Tebow and the New York Jets. I know I will. How could you not after the major quarterback transaction this off season? That’s why throughout the season we will still throw some Tebow news bits into our posts. It’s not because we want the guy back. It’s because he was such a major player for the Broncos last season and following his progress (or lack thereof?) is just plain interesting.

With that said, the latest bit out of Jets’ headquarters is that not only will Tebow be used on the kickoff team but he may also be used on the kick-return and punt-return teams.

"“I think there might be some value there on kickoff returns. It’s something that we’ve talked about.  I don’t think there’s any option with Tim that we’ve taken off the table.  So, that would be something that would be new to him as well.  In what we’ve asked him to do as the personal protector [right now], he’s done an excellent job.” – Assistant special-teams coordinator Ben Kotwica (New York Daily News)"

While the Jets aren’t ruling out any options when it comes to Tebow, special teams coach Mike Westhoff says that his presence presents a unique benefit.

"“There are certain situations where he might be on the field that he could be utilized possibly to block or possibly to field a ball. If a team squibs it at you or pops it at you, he might be the perfect guy to put in that could make an adjustment.  If they kick it deep, he could block.  If they squib it or pop it, he could be a guy that we’d have with a ball in his hands.”His role with me won’t be a paramount role,” Westhoff said.  “I’m not counting on Tebow coming in and being a hard-core special teams player.  That’s not what we want.  We have a limited role for him, but it will be one that presents problems.  That’s what Tebow is all about.  He presents problems to good football teams in a lot of aspects.” – Mike Weshoff (New York Daily News)"

The Jets asked Tebow to put on some weight during the off season, and you can tell that he’s bulkier. It’s apparent that he will have a bigger role on special teams.

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