Broncos 2012 Draft Picks Signed, Ready For Camp


All of the Denver Broncos 2012 draft selections are signed, according to John Elway via Twitter.

"“Osweiler and Hillman have agreed to terms. All picks are signed… Ready for camp!” – John Elway (Twitter)"

Quarterback Brock Osweiler and running back Ronnie Hillman were the last two rookies to sign. Osweiler signed a four-year deal worth $3.1 million while Hillman received the same signing bonus ($691,000) as Osweiler.

It’s nice to have all rookies ready to step onto the practice field once training camp begins on Thursday. There have been too many years where rookies are missing significant practice time due to contracts not being worked out.

A+ job on the Broncos part to get these deals done.

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