Peyton Manning Wants Broncos Training Camp Away From Team Headquarters


Sometimes the comforts of home are nice, but to really grow one has to step outside of his or her comfort zone.

That’s what Peyton Manning believes as the Broncos head into the start of training camp this week. Manning told Mike Klis of the Denver Post that he wished the Broncos would move their camp to outside of Dove Valley.

"“I wish we went away. I know we stay there at the facility and we stay at a hotel. I’ve heard coach [John] Fox and John Elway talk about potentially [moving away] again. I think there’s something about going to a different site and just homing in on football.It’s not as long as it used to be, but there’s definitely some team bonding that occurs that I think can win a game for you down the line. Having breakfast with a guy, watching some film in the room with a guy; I think it helps.” – Peyton Manning (Denver Post)"

The Broncos used to hold training camp at the University of Colorado in Greeley (from 1982-2002) so the team could focus more on football and get away from the distractions of home.

Pat Bowlen made the decision to move camp back to Dove Valley because it was a huge hassle to pack everything up for just three weeks. Plus the fans get to sit closer to the action.

The Broncos begin camp with two sessions on Thursday.

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