Is Eli Manning Really A Head Above Peyton Now?


There isn’t a bigger story in the NFL than the Manning brothers.

Of course Peyton Manning heads to a different team after spending 14 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts. Throw in the ‘Can he make a return to the game after one year off’ headline and you can see why Dove Valley will be jam-packed with media from all over the world when training camp kicks off in two weeks. Then add a brother in Eli Manning who won the Super Bowl last season.

The title of Larry Holder’s article on CBS Sports is ‘Manning role reversal: As questions dog Peyton, Eli has all the answers.’

As human’s, we like to categorize things to make them easier to process, but that headline surely can’t be that simple.

Peyton can’t be the “underdog” while Eli is the “alpha dog” as Holder suggests.

"Peyton’s saga will be one of the most chronicled storylines of the season. Can he regain his dominance? Will his neck and throwing arm hold up?For once, Peyton has all the question marks. And Eli? He’s answered all of the questions. – Larry Holder (CBS Sports)"

The Manning’s will continue to be compared throughout the entire season until one emerges with the better team. The Broncos and the Giants both have solid shots at making it to February football, but one brother will shine brighter than the other.

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