According To Agent, Elvis Dumervil Charges Should Be Dropped


Some of the details leading to Elvis Dumervil’s arrest in Miami over the weekend have come to light. According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post,

"The incident, which occurred about 5 p.m. EDT Saturday on Collins Ave. — which is one block off the famous Ocean Drive strip, alleges Dumervil and his friend Andy Auguste each left Dumervil’s Land Rover, approached the occupants in the white Impala ahead of them, and lifted their shirts, each displaying a gun.According to the incident report, Dumervil was driving his Land Rover and following a gray Mercedes when the White Impala merged in between them. An argument ensued with horn blowing, verbal threats, and name calling according to the report….Dumervil and his vehicle were still stopped in traffic when police arrived. He was ordered out of the car at gunpoint and was placed in handcuffs. The officer on the scene asked Dumervil “if there was a gun in his car and he stated no.” The officer then found a gun in the vehicle’s glove compartment. Dumervil was taken to jail and his Land Rover was towed. – Denver Post"

According to Dumervil’s agent, Marty Magid, charges will be dropped once the investigation is complete.

Even if the charges are dropped, however, Dumervil is on Roger Goodell’s radar screen. This is the second incident for Dumervil in his five year NFL career. Dumervil was accused of assaulting a parking attendant at Sport Authority Field in 2010.

In my opinion, NFL players should be avoiding all kinds of temptation right before training camps start. Trips to Miami and Las Vegas really aren’t needed this time of year. Look at Jimmy Graham who is spending his time in Steamboat Springs, CO. He’s got the right idea.

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