Broncos Strength And Conditioning Coach Critical To Team Success


During a time when NFL players are honing in on their bodies, Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post put out a great article on the Broncos new strength and conditioning coach, Luke Richesson.

In the recent past the Broncos have taken a total dive at the end of the season. In the past three seasons, they have gone 1-3, 1-6, and 0-4 to end the regular season. While it’s easy to blame a poor run defense, a secondary that gives up too many big plays, or a quarterback that can’t convert in the red zone, perhaps the Broncos late-season collapse is more organic. It could simply be a lack of proper conditioning.

That’s why the Broncos let longtime strength and conditioning coach Rich Tuten go after last season. That’s why they brought in a new age, “monitor everything” coach in Richesson.

"“I think it’s clear, the research is clear, it’s more difficult to consistently maintain maximum performance, maximum output at altitude,” Richesson said. “There’s the build-up of (carbon dioxide) when you train that your body has to deal with, and we have less oxygen. So, to that end we have to make sure everything else in the program is in order. Even the simple things like meals, sleep, what we eat, take on a greater importance.”To that end Richesson has outfitted all of the Broncos players with heart monitors — they look like electronic harnesses — to wear during workouts. Richesson and his staff can then track each player’s heart rate, using a hand-held device, at any point during a workout. All of the information is also collated and stored on computer. – Luke Richesson to the Denver Post"

Give the article a read to find out more about the man who makes the engine run properly. We could be thanking him come December and January.

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