Seymour: “Dennis Allen Has ‘It Factor'”


I’ll admit it. Seeing Dennis Allen on the Oakland Raiders sideline this fall will be a knife to the heart. Although Allen was with the Broncos for just one season, he injected life into the defense again. It was like the defense acquired a star in Super Mario Bros. and they could run through brick walls and hurdle rivers.

Allen took the defense which was ranked 32nd in points allowed and 32nd in sacks in 2010 to 24th in points allowed and 11th in sacks in 2011.

There were many that considered Allen a great leader, and that’s how he landed his first head coaching job. Among those who look up to Allen’s leadership skills is veteran defensive end Richard Seymour.

Seymour knows good quality coaches from bad quality coaches. He played under Bill Belichick for eight seasons in New England before signing with the Raiders. Seymour says that Allen has the ‘It factor.’

"“Some coaches just have the ‘it factor,’ and Dennis Allen has it,” Seymour told former Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon and Adam Schein on NFL SiriusXM Radio.I met all the coaches and the new G.M. and the new regime here and I think our fans have a lot to be excited about,” Seymour said last month. “I think we’re headed in the right direction. We’re trying to build a smart, tough, disciplined football team and I think everyone’s preaching the same message and it’s coming across very clear.” – Richard Seymour via CSN Bay Area"

Allen will certainly be a key player in the Raiders massive rebuilding phase, and it’s a shame he had to go to another team, but stay in the AFC West. He’s a coach that I would root for, but of course that means rooting for the Raiders too. If anything, Allen will beef up the long-standing rivalry between the two teams.

The Raiders need to stick with one coach for a while and they made a wise decision (for once) to hire Dennis Allen.

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