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Chargers’ Front Office Talks About Marketing Tickets To Chiefs Fans


We reported a couple of days ago that the San Diego Chargers were trying to sell tickets to Kansas City Chiefs fans when the team hosts the Chiefs in November.

Arguments have been made that San Diego is full of transplants and the team is just trying to pull in as many bodies as possible so that the threat of the infamous blackout takes a backseat.

Now Chargers CEO A.G. Spanos is speaking out on the “overeager” sales rep who sent out emails to Chiefs websites promoting said tickets.

"“It’s disappointing because we’ve been so aggressive this year with trying to sell to new Chargers fans. We hired 18 new people. We’re launching a season-ticket holder referral program, where season-ticket holders are going to be able to get rewards if they refer a new Chargers season-ticket holder customer. We’ve been very aggressive. We’re trying our best to pack the stadium with Chargers fans. This article, it hurt.This was an overeager sales rep, I would say, who was selling groups. He acted on his own without checking with his manager. We have sold to visiting fan groups in the past. We don’t proactively solicit them for new business. That’s not a standard practice of the Chargers. I was disappointed the story made headlines. It paints the organization in a poor light, and that’s not how we operate. Our goal is to maximize our home-field advantage.” – A.G. Spanos (U-T San Diego)"

Spanos had to step in here, but I’m sure the only thing he regrets is that this story made headlines around the league. If Chargers fans were buying tickets, the team’s ticketing office wouldn’t have to promote to opposing teams. Major points to Arrowhead Addict for picking this one up and calling the Chargers out.

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