Less Pressure On Broncos’ Willis McGahee


Just last season, Willis McGahee was running the read-option with Tim Tebow. The two helped make the Denver Broncos the No. 1 ranked rushing team in the NFL averaging 164.5 yards per game.

“I never worked the read-option in my life,” McGahee admitted. “It’s like running on blind faith. Either you’re going to get the big run or you’re going to get hit. I’m not a big fan of getting hit, but it was in my job description. That’s what I had to do.”

Now McGahee will be lining up behind Peyton Manning, a guy described as the Baltimore killer. McGahee knows Manning all too well after spending four seasons with the Ravens.

“It feels great because we’re actually playing Baltimore so I guess he can be the Baltimore killer all he wants,” McGahee said.

McGahee will have a lot of pressure taken off of him compared to the load that he was carrying a year ago. He won’t be carrying the ball 18-20 times per game anymore now that Manning is here.

“It’s different because we didn’t really have that last year where the quarterback was demanding of us and telling us where he wanted us,” McGahee said. “Everybody is clicking pretty good with him (Manning).”

The team also took some pressure off of McGahee by drafting Ronnie Hillman who broke many of Marshall Faulk’s records at San Diego State.

“I know that he’s a great scat back, and he’s one of those guys that can make people miss in the open field,” McGahee said of his new backfield teammate. “He has a lot of heart and character.”

Life for McGahee may have just gotten easier, and his chances of winning a Super Bowl a lot better.

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