Tony Sparano: Tebow To Play ‘One to 20 Snaps’


New York Jets’ offensive coordinator Tony Sparano met with the media Thursday, and like Rex Ryan, he’s keeping things vague as far as the Jets’ plan for using Tim Tebow in the offense.

"“I won’t give you the vision on what I think his role will be in the offense,” Sparano said. “I would just say that… I believe what Coach says. He can play anywhere from one to 20 snaps… somewhere like that. What coach said is 100 percent correct. As far as how we’ll use Tim or what we’ll do with Tim in that way, we’re going to keep that to us right now.”“We’re just excited to be able to add another good football player to our team,” Sparano said Thursday about the Tebow trade. “It’s about trying to find good football players. Mark Sanchez is one hell of a player. I am so excited to coach him. Tim Tebow is a good football player too. When you put both of these guys in a room and they’re playing checkers, they’re going to compete at it. They’re going to go like heck to win. The more of those people you can get around your football team and in this environment, the better off your football team is going to be. I think we helped our football team tremendously. I don’t think it’s a problem managing it.” – Tony Sprarano via The New York Daily News"

Whether Sparano means one to 20 snaps per game or all year, I’m going to stick to my guns on this one and say that Tebow will take over Sanchez’s starting role by November, and not due to injury. In the meantime, he’ll make a difference passing, running, and even playing on special teams when he gets a chance.

On the flip side, it’s nice having an offseason where the Broncos quarterback situation sits on solid ground. It was just one year ago that the words “Orton” and “Tebow” were coming out of our mouths. Nothing, however, feels more comfortable than saying “Manning.”

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