Broncos Pick Philip Blake 108th Overall


In a quick turn around time, the Denver Broncos shuffled their papers and picked center Philip Blake from Baylor 108th overall (pick came from Jets in Tebow trade) to address the team’s need for depth on the offensive line.

Here’s a scouting report from National Football Post:

"A big bodied offensive lineman with a thick trunk and base. Has the ability to sit into his stance and play with his base under him. However, when he needs to fire off the snap and get into blocks in the run game will get straight-legged off the snap, negating his natural power into contact. Has the ability to still create movement as he keeps his base down, but has a hard time creating consistent power through the play and will fall off blocks because he lacks ideal balance. Plays quick in tight quarters but, isn’t a guy who can pull routinely, and reach defenders down the field. However, when trying to get around defenders and seal at the line or chip and hit a second target in the area, he’s very effective.Does a much better job keeping his pad level under him in the pass game. Can sink his hips, sit into his stance and anchor vs. the bull rush. Gets himself into some trouble at times not shooting hands quickly off the snap and will allow defenders to gain inside leverage. Recovers well from the lower half and can re-anchor. However, when he can get a hold of defenders he’s very tough to disengage from. But, when he has to mirror in space he lacks ideal lateral range, struggles to shuffle and slide and will give up penetration. Keeps his head on a swivel, but displays only average awareness and lacks the lateral quickness/make up speed to re-direct and pick up a backer if slow to locate him.Impression: Possesses natural power and if he can play with his base under him a bit better in the NFL the guy will routinely create off the snap in the run game. Needs to play in a power based offense, but with some time has a chance to fight for playing time."

The Broncos have center J.D. Walton who hails from Baylor as well. The Broncos like going back to the golden well. Blake is a guy that can play both center and guard. He’s 6’2,” 311 pounds.

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