Brock Osweiler Thrilled To Study Under Peyton Manning


Aside from going first in the draft, quarterback Brock Osweiler might just be living in a perfect world right now.

“I could not be any more excited to be going to Denver to learn from Peyton Manning,” Osweiler stated in his conference call shortly after being drafted in the 3rd round (57th overall).

Osweiler will become very good friends with his clipboard over the next couple of years, but he’s okay with that.

“I think one thing Peyton does better than maybe anyone in the game is prepare mentally for football games,” Osweiler said. “I can’t wait to get in the meeting room and pick his brain as much as I can, and just sit back and observe how he prepares for a game each weekend.”

Manning’s apparent successor doesn’t just stand tall in the pocket, he towers at 6’7.” Some criticize Osweiler’s height saying that it’s a negative.

“I think the height is a positive,” Osweiler said. “I really don’t see too many negatives that come with it because of the athleticism I have. Without a doubt, my field vision is a huge asset…I can just look over the (offensive) line sometimes.”

We have to have some confidence in Osweiler as John Elway and Co. really believe this is the guy to develop under Manning.

“I really felt like John Elway and myself really hit it off.”

Like with every other pick in the draft, time will tell. For Osweiler, that time will just be much later.

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