Denver Broncos’ Draft Begins In Second Round


With the 25th, errr, 31st, errr wait a minute. The Denver Broncos start their building process Friday in round two with the 36th overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft.

First the Broncos cut a deal with the New England Patriots to trade away the 25th pick for the 31st and 126th pick (4th round). Then, the team traded the 31st and 106th pick  to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for their 36th and 101st pick.

To recap, that gives the Broncos six of the next 84 picks which would allow them to package some fourth round picks to get more second and third round picks.

The last time the Broncos didn’t pick in the first round was 2005, and before that was 1995.

Unlike some teams who clearly just pulled the trigger (some with a blindfold on), the Broncos are holding out for more picks in the second, third, and fourth round. The string of defensive tackles (Poe, Cox, and Brockers) taken in the first round that was the catalyst to the Broncos trading their first round pick away.

All of those draft parties were not a bust, however. Make some more nachos and order another keg because the Broncos can still get some very good players early on. DT Kendall Reyes (UConn), DT Jerel Worthy (Michigan State), and TE Coby Fleener (Stanford) are still on the board.

Not once did the Broncos try to trade up in the first round according to Elway.

“Everything is a possibility,” John Elway said. “If we decide we want to do something tomorrow we have some currency to do it with.”

The Broncos walking away from the first round without a new player is relatively disappointing, but we have to remember that this is a very deep draft.

Keep those erasers away from the Broncos draft board. It’s staying the same overnight. Just like a first and goal situation from the 1-yard line, the Broncos are going to grind this one out without worrying about how pretty it looks.

So, do you like the move to trade out of the first round?

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