Tim Tebow to Play on Special Teams for Jets


Is Tim Tebow a better football player than he is a quarterback? It looks like that question will be answered this season in New York.

Not only will the Jets use Tebow in their wildcat package, but Adam Schefter is reporting via Twitter that the team has told Tebow that they plan to use him as punt protector on special teams.

That puts an entirely new spin on fake punts for the Jets. When the punting unit comes on to the field, Tebow will stand in front of the punter. If the Jets punt, Tebow will protect what looks to be punter T.J. Conley and then run down field on coverage. The Jets view Tebow as durable enough to put out there without risking injury. Now, the fun part comes if the Jets decide to fake the punt. Defenses will be drawn up towards Tebow to play the run so that will give him a chance to pass for a first down.

If nothing else, these offseason Tebow announcements are already boosting ratings for upcoming Jets games.

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