Brian Dawkins Announces Retirement


His energy out of the tunnel doesn’t compare to anyone else’s. He paces the sidelines, talking to no one prior to the game, and then once his number is called, he flies out of the smoke-filled tunnel like a bat out of hell. From there, his mouth is a non-stop motor encouraging and instruction teammates.

Brian Dawkins announced on his Twitter page Monday morning that after 16 hard-fought seasons in the NFL, he will retire.

"The Lord has blessed me to play in the NFL for 16 years. I would like to thank the Eagles & the Broncos 4 believing In me. I would like 2 thank all my teammates & Coaches that I have been blessed 2 go to battle with. Along with u, the fans 4 helping make my career 1 that i have enjoyed tremendously. In other words. I am announcing my retirement from the NFL.” – Brian Dawkins (Twitter)"

Dawkins missed the last five games for the Broncos after suffering a pinched nerve in his neck which has caused weakness and numbness. He became a free agent in March.

The Pro Bowl safety ended his career with 1,169 tackles, 26 sacks for 227 yards lost, 37 interceptions (2 returned for touchdowns), and 36 forced fumbles. His body of work is the epitome of dedication and passion.

This surely was not an easy decision for Dawkins who had to weigh the costs and benefits of returning for yet another year. The Broncos are a team on the upswing and they acquired the best quarterback in the game, but they also brought in their seventh defensive coordinator in seven years. Not to mention, Dawkins has a family to raise and his health is the priority there.

There is something beautiful about watching somebody “own it” on the football field every Sunday. Dawkins owned the sport, breathed it, embodied it. That’s what made him so fun to watch, and we here at PO wish him the best in the future.

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