2012 Bronco Schedule Release Re-ignites the Passion


Last Tuesday, the NFL released the entire schedule for the upcoming 2012 season. For a casual fan, the event may have occurred without them even being aware the event was taking place. For die-hard fans, like me, this was a major milestone that moves us one step closer to the fact that, in four-and-a-half months, life as we know it will return to normal.

I rather enjoy it when the schedule is released, because I and another Bronco season ticket holder who works with me, have numerous discussions about the schedule, the good games to attend, and the projected outcome of each game (as if we can see into the future). Basically, we dissect the schedule as much as we possibly can as soon as we have the opportunity. The passion we display when discussing the schedule (or anything related to the Denver Broncos) is definitely turned up a few notches when we find out whom and when the Broncos will be playing come September.

Because I am a Bronco season ticket holder who, unfortunately, doesn’t live in Colorado anymore, the release of the schedule initiates what I like to call “Bronco Game Preparation.” In addition to knowing the exact dates and opponents, I can start taking into consideration a number of items that may possibly impact which games I attend. The task, obviously, would not have to be completed if I could attend each and every Bronco home game; but, as much as I hate to admit it, reality sets in, and I have to consider finances, work schedules, spousal approval, etc. Some of the variables I consider when choosing games include, but are not limited to, the entertainment value of the game itself (let’s face it, Pittsburgh visiting Denver raises the adrenaline level a bit more than anticipating a visit from the Houston Texans); television scheduling is another decision point, because I know that all prime time games can be seen from the friendly confines of my basement, but normal Bronco games on Sunday may not be on local television if the Chiefs are playing at the same time, which means I would be forced to hit a sports bar with the other Bronco fans or actually make the trip to Colorado and watch the game in person. Since I don’t attend all eight games, I also briefly consider the resale potential of each game to avoid having tickets going unused and me spending a lot of money on nothing (common sense tells you that New Orleans tickets will sell easier than Cleveland Browns tickets). Last, but not least, is the weather consideration. Whether driving or flying, once October arrives, you never know what kind of weather you’re going to face just GETTING to the game.

So, after all the variables above, and some that escape me at this point, I set MY Bronco schedule and release it to the appropriate individuals and groups (spouse, work, etc). At that point, my work is done, and I have nothing to do but start the countdown until I go to Colorado for another Bronco game. Speaking of countdown, I’ve already downloaded a countdown app and have entered all Bronco preseason and regular season games.

T-minus 129 days and counting!

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