Eric Decker Primed For Season With Manning


Eric Decker has never really had a true football offseason. In college, he played baseball during the “time off”. When he came into the NFL as a rookie, he was injured. Last year of course was the lockout.

Things can spin 180 degrees in no time at all. Now Decker is working with the best offseason worker in the game. Decker has been running more routes and catching more balls from Peyton Manning than any other Broncos receiver.

The two have been working out together for the past three weeks, going to various local schools and parks to elude interested eyes. Teammates have joined in on the action as well, but it’s been primarily Manning and Decker forming that connection.

“We found a good spot no one can get to,” Decker said. “You see a phone call, you gather the guys up, you gather the troops and take a couple car loads over to the local, maybe distant field and get some work in.”

Manning turns mediocre players into human highlight reels. Not to say that Decker is just mediocre, but if I’m a fantasy player, I’m drafting Decker very early this year.

Really, any of the Broncos receivers could have a breakout year.

“Everyone brings a different skill set which is great,” Decker said.

My money is on Decker, however. His knee is 100% again after spraining his MCL during the Wildcard playoff game against the Steelers. He’s the one absorbing every piece of information flying from Manning’s mouth as well as most balls flying from his arm. He is just an offseason away from a Pro Bowl year.

Decker had 44 receptions for 612 yards and 8 touchdowns in 2011.

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