Spring Is Peyton Manning’s Training Ground


The Broncos’ offseason workout program begins on Monday, but that doesn’t mean that players have been sitting on the couch since the season ended.

Peyton Manning has been throwing to Eric Decker and some of the Broncos tight ends since arriving in Denver last month. Nothing is more important to Manning than those early spring workouts.

“These workouts, they’re so rewarding,” Manning told Broncos TV. “You don’t feel it necessarily right now, but you know it’s going to pay dividends for you in the fall when there’s a third-and-five and there’s a pass that you complete to Eric Decker. You say ‘we worked on that back in April and May, and that time we put in was worth it because we came on a critical third down conversion or a touchdown pass.’ I’ve seen that first hand over the course of my career. The offseason work makes a big difference come fall. You can’t just show up in September and expect to be successful and expect to win games.

That’s precisely why Manning has gone 109-36 in the last ten regular seasons. It’s the constant preparation at a time when the sports world is focused on NHL playoff hockey and MLB opening day.

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