Peyton Manning Vs. John Elway


The dust has definitely settled on the turbulent Manning/Tebow soap opera and now Bronco fans can only wait and see if the changes made will be positive ones.  The 2012 schedule will be released in the next few weeks and the draft will take place, which will add to our speculation but other than that, all we can do is wait for August to get here and the start of the 2012 season.  Until those things happen, Peyton Manning will no doubt be the main focus of the media and fans when the Broncos are discussed.

Like the Bronco quarterbacks who have come before him, Peyton Manning’s time in Denver will only be considered a success if he equals what the John Elway lead teams of 1998 & 1999 accomplished, and that is win the Super Bowl.  Even with his four MVP awards and one Super Bowl victory he earned in Indianapolis, Manning will still be compared to ex-Bronco quarterback, now VP of Football Operations, John Elway.  Like it or not, John Elway, the quarterback, played a big role in making the Broncos are what they are today.  John Elway, the executive, is also responsible for shaping the Broncos into the team they will become next season and beyond.  Like his new quarterback, Elway the executive will only be considered successful when the Broncos bring another Lombardi Trophy back to Colorado.

That being said, Elway, John Fox, and Mike McCoy will give Manning the keys to the orange and blue sports car (known as the Broncos offense) and expect him to make it run like Bronco fans haven’t seen in sometime.  While doing this, Manning will have the opportunity to make his own history in the Rocky Mountain state….  this time helping the Broncos win games rather than lose them as he often did as a Colt.

Bronco fans can sit back and enjoy the season(s) as the story unfolds before our very eyes.   Whereas Elway was a slinger and scrambler, doing whatever it took to keep a drive alive or to win the game, Manning is a methodical player who will efficiently dissect a defense the same way a doctor performs complex surgery.  Regardless of how it’s done, we want to see only one thing and that is Elway and Manning posing for a picture as they accept the teams third Lombardi Trophy.

Even though Elway and Manning’s style of play are somewhat different, both have proven that they do generate results.  Below is the statistical comparison of the two quarterbacks.

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Games started231 (16 seasons)208 (14 seasons)
Passing   Attempts72507210
Completion %56.964.9
Passing Yards5147554828
Passing   Touchdowns300399
Interception   %3.12.7
Average   passing yards/game220263.6
Rushing   Attempts774346
Rushing Yards3407722
Rushing   Touchdowns3317
Average   rushing yards/game14.63.5
Quarterback   rating79.994.9