Broncos Elway Still Fueling Competitive Fire


Just because a pro athlete stops playing doesn’t mean his competitive spirit has to die. No one knows that better these days than John Elway.

Bill Williamson of ESPN wrote The rebirth of John Elway which speaks to what Elway has done in his year with the Denver Broncos.

"“To go to Mile High on Sunday and to get butterflies, that’s why I came back,” Elway said.Elway talked about the thrill he felt when he signed Manning in a video interview with ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Elway likened it to the joy of winning a Super Bowl as a player. Those comments jibe with what some friends have said about Elway in the past year. They said this new role has filled a void in his life and given him a chance to compete, something he dearly missed. When he was hired in Denver last year, Elway joked that he had played enough golf in his retired life.  – Bill Williamson (ESPN)"

Williamson’s story is a story with reading. Elway’s story is a story worth watching. Like life, football comes full circle. At least that’s the hope.

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