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Tim Tebow Capable Of Dethroning Mark Sanchez


Why were the words “locker room” and “disarray” associated within the New York Jets organization?

They were paired together by Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis on ESPN Wednesday during a word association game.

Revis also said, “I think Tim Tebow will have a big impact on Mark Sanchez in terms of just trying to maybe push him a little bit more.”

He then went on to mop up the big spill.

"“Not to say that Mark needs to get pushed, but in a way that you know, Tebow is a winning quarterback.  Mark is a winning quarterback too, you got to understand that Mark took us to two AFC championship games.” – Darrelle Revis via Pro Football Talk"

As far as Tebow and the Jets go, I truly believe that he will be the team’s starting quarterback by November, and that’s not due to an injury to Sanchez.

Tebow has been working with legendary QB Noel Mazzone and other individuals to not only improve his arm, but his body mechanics. This is Tebow’s first true off season in the NFL and he will come back stronger and capable of taking Sanchez’s job.

Not to mention he has a healthier presence in the locker room, and develops those necessary positive relationships with teammates.

So Tebow the starter in New York by the end of next season. Thoughts?

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