Tebow, Manning, Elway All In Denver?


If you thought the Peyton talk was bad before with Hillis, just listen to the Peyton talk now with Manning.

Peyton Manning says that he will make a decision about his next team in the next week. The Man-ning wastes no time. He’s willing to jump to another city so quickly so that the team he signs with can jump in on free agency without worrying about salary cap implications as Manning makes his decision. Who knows? Perhaps the team that signs Manning would also sign longtime Colts center Jeff Saturday or receiver Reggie Wayne to help make Manning’s transition to a new city easier.

Manning has also confirmed that he would like to remain in the AFC because he is familiar with the decision.

There are no question marks in Manning’s ability to lead a team and win, but there are questions that arise in regards to how strong his arm is after missing the entire 2011 season because of neck surgery. Does he still have it? That’s the question that many teams are asking before they stick their necks (and cash flow) out there.

The Denver Broncos have named Tim Tebow the starter heading into training camp, but that’s as far as they will commit. Essentially, the rest is up to him. How hard he works in the off season to improve his footwork and throwing motion (Believe me, he’s working his tail off) will help determine how well he will compete with the other quarterbacks the Broncos bring in over the course of the off season.

Bringing Manning into the circus that Denver already is would be beneficial for everybody if Tebow stayed in town. Tebow would have the ultimate veteran QB to learn from and Denver would have plenty of options at the position. With Tebow, Manning, and John Elway all on one team, talk about about Denver being the mecca for quarterbacks.

All eyes would be on Denver for many reasons, but mostly because the Broncos would be one of the biggest threats in the NFL.

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