Elway Set To Meet Combine Press

By Editorial Staff

The house that Peyton built. It’s a fine establishment. It currently houses the future of the NFL, and not just in the form of quarterback.

We’re live from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis to cover the beginning of a new year. The NFL combine is the scene that sets the stage for the draft.

As the Colts sort through their own quarterback drama, the Denver Broncos seem to have their drama set on low. The media still wants to make a big deal out of Tim Tebow starting for the Broncos, whether John Elway supports him, and whether Tebow is the future of the franchise.

Put aside the whole Brady Quinn blowup, and the things are quiet on the quarterback front, relatively speaking.

Elway is set to meet the hungry press Friday morning. His words will be put under the microscope for the sake of sanity. They will be scrutinized with the finest eye because frankly, people want to know where Tebow will land on the success scale. For Elway, the questions will probably sway more toward a draft pick that was made in 2010 under a different head coach rather than questions about this year’s draft class.

Keep it dialed in here all weekend as we take you through this year combine.

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