Loren Landow Holds Mock Combine For Denver Athletes


If diamonds are only made under pressure then the NFL combine could put Cartier out of business.

For an athlete coming out of college with aspirations of making it to the NFL, the combine is the ultimate test. College statistics, wins and losses, and awards are knocked to the side as these men take to the synthetic field and interview room two weeks from now in Indianapolis.

A lot of stock is placed on how fast guys run the 40 yard dash, how many times they bench press 225 lbs., how high/far they jump, and how quickly they do the shuttle run. Then you throw them into rounds of interviews and make them take the Wonderlic test. All of this is done in front of pro coaches and scouts, and throngs of national media.

That’s pressure. That’s part of the job. That’s why many athletes hire the best in the business to get them prepared for this multi-day “audition.”

Loren Landow, the director of Sports Performance at the Steadman Hawkins in Denver has taken 30 college athletes aspiring to make it to the big stage under his wing to prepare them for the combine.

Landow held a mock combine Thursday to give these guys a little taste of what the real thing will be like in Indianapolis.

Athletes from all over the country have come to Denver to work with Landow for good reason.

“I heard he was the best,” Oklahoma State wide receiver Josh Cooper said. “You’ve got to train with the best to be the best.”

Landow works with Broncos players on an individual basis in the offseason and he was the team’s go-to trainer last summer during the lockout.

“I was just sold on his philosophies, his techniques,” UCLA wide receiver Taylor Embree said. “He knows what he’s talking about.”

Many of the 30 athletes at the mock combine came to Denver specifically to train with Landow, and to remove themselves from some of the “distractions” from home.

Stay tuned in the coming days as we take a look at what it takes to prepare for the combine, and as we profile some of these athletes.

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