NFL Offseason Schedule


The Super Bowl may be over, but the NFL will still be a buzz this off season. We don’t have to worry about the lockout or who the Denver Broncos starting quarterback will be. That means it’s business as usual for the Broncos. Let’s take a look at the off season schedule.

February 20: Franchise Tag can be applied.

NFL teams will be able to apply the franchise tag to any big name free agents that they want to secure for next season. Don’t expect tags to be slapped on players right on the 20th, however. The players and teams are going to negotiate a long term deal for as long as they can before the new league year begins.

February 22-28: NFL Combine

The combine is just the appetizer to the NFL draft. The NFL Network and will cover the workouts live and analyze numbers to no end. This is where we will likely see some dramatic shifts in the expected draft order. A poor performance in the 40-yard dash or a failed drug test can knock players down the draft board. Numbers don’t tell the whole story, but they are a helpful indicator.

March 5: Deadline to apply Franchise Tag

If the stars aren’t signed by March 5th, teams can slap the tag on them to ensure that the player doesn’t leave in free agency.

March 13: Free agency begins at 4 PM

The beginning of free agency marks an exciting time. The Broncos may bring a backup quarterback in since Brady Quinn is likely leaving Denver. They may also look for a running back to compliment Willis McGahee.

While the Broncos want to build through the draft, they pick up experience in free agency.

March 25-28: NFL owners meetings

The NFL owners get together in Florida to sip on sugary cocktails with umbrellas and talk about how much money they have. Will they pour one out for their late homie, Al Davis?

Mid-April: Teams begin offseason programs

The Broncos will get back together to kickoff some team workouts. They are allowed 10 OTA’s.

April 26-28: The NFL Draft begins in NYC

The NFL Draft takes place on April 26th. The Broncos’ first pick comes at No. 25. Will they pick up a defensive lineman or player to help in the secondary.

PO may be live at the draft, so stay tuned.

Late July: Training Camps begin

Things really get cranking under the summer sun when training camp begins. PO will cover it live so sunscreen donations are welcomed.

Early August: Preseason begins

Preseason. Who cares, right? Well you should. If your team looks terrible in August, they probably aren’t going to look great in September. Staying healthy in this part of the year is what counts.

September 6: Season opener

The Giants will host the season opener in New Jersey. The Broncos will suit up in their new orange uniforms just days later.

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