Tim Tebow Slows Down, But Doesn’t Let Up In Off Season


Tim Tebow has hit the brakes a bit and slowed things down for himself.

He’s been seen enjoying himself in Denver since the Broncos season ended whether it be at a Brad Paisley concert or at a Nuggets game. In fact, Tebow is doing everything he can to slow the pace and enjoy some much needed downtime. He turned down CBS to be an analyst during the conference championship games, and he turned down ABC’s Dancing with the Stars request.

Tebow was in the spotlight all of last off season thanks to his autobiography hitting the shelves and taking to the talk show circuit. He shot commercial after commercial and endorsed products across the nation.

Chris Bianchi of Mile High Sports wrote this comparing Tebow’s two off seasons.

"Compare that with this year, where Tebow’s made a clear effort to not only tone it down on the frequent flyer miles, but he’s also made an effort to show his face around town, as well. It started 10 days ago, when Tebow not only attended a Brad Paisley concert at Pepsi Center – and subsequently blasted Twitter with pictures from it – but he hopped on stage to sing along with the country star. And then came Sunday’s Nuggets game, where Tebow exchanged a hug and plenty of words with Denver hero Billups (and ignored Blake Griffin in the process) and high-fived hundreds of appreciate strangers as if he were making a campaign stop.Great, so Tebow’s been hanging out around town. But as far as we know, has Tebow even lifted a single weight yet? Gone for a run? Taken an evening stroll? – Chris Bianchi (Mile High Sport)"

Tebow has dialed down his public appearances, remaining in Denver, and yes we can be sure that Tebow has lifted a weight and gone for a run.

He works out with Loren Landow, the director of the Steadman Hawkins Sports Performance Clinic on a weekly basis. In fact, on Tuesday Tebow spent time working with the 2012 draft athletes that Landow works with.

While it’s easy to question Tebow because you or I may not see him on a daily basis, you can rest assure that he’s one of the hardest working guys in the league.

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