With The 25th Pick In The 2012 Draft, The Denver Broncos Select…


There are just two teams left to play out the 2011 season. That means the other 30 teams are looking toward the draft.

The Denver Broncos will make their first selection at the No. 25 spot (down 23 spots from last year).

Looking at one of Fansided’s draft sites, With the First Pick, I wanted to share with you who they selected for the Broncos in their latest Mock Draft.

With the First Pick went with DL Quinton Coples (North Carolina)

"The Broncos take advantage of Quinton Coples’ fall here, getting a guy who can help rush the quarterback from the interior or from the defensive end position. – Sayre Bedinger (With the First Pick)"

Coples is a quick and powerful pass rusher, and we know that the Broncos need some help on the defensive line. He can play on either side of the line and it would be beneficial to match him up against slower tackles. Coples is a great tackler who finishes the play. He moved to tackle when the Tar Heels struggled with injuries. In 2011, Coples had 59 tackles (15.5 going for a loss), and 10 sacks.

Imagine teams trying to prepare for Elvis Dumervil, Von Miller, and Coples? We saw guys like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady pick apart the Broncos secondary because the team couldn’t get enough pressure in the quarterback. Picking a guy like Coples would certainly help in that department.

Coples could come in and make an immediate impact as a starter, but like most college players entering the NFL, he does have a downside. Coples is quick with the first step, but he doesn’t have the athleticism and speed that a lot of 4-3 defenses look for.

He drew a lot of attention at North Carolina so teams would double him on the outside or slide protection to his side of the line which gave him trouble.

If he were to come to the Broncos where two great pass rushers already draw attention, this is a guy that could be very successful in his rookie year.

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