Denver Broncos Kickoff About Four Hours Away


Bronco fans the wait is basically over.  In a little less than four hours the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots will face each other in the first of two AFC Divisional Playoff games.  Just like last week, not many people pick the Broncos to win!  I never thought the Broncos would be ahead 20-6 at halftime of last weeks game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and I never imagined that they would score on the first play of overtime to advance in the playoffs.  All that being said, regardless of the analysis and expert opinions, the game will ultimately come down to the players and coaches.

Rember this Broncos fans – there are twelve other AFC teams that would love to be in this exact spot.  If the Broncos’ season ends tonight, Bronco Nation can look back on this season as a huge step forward and VERY entertaining.

If you’re not ready and excited about tonights game, take a look at this YouTube video……

Enjoy the game Bronco fans!  Go Broncos!

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