Denver, Boston Mayors Bet On Playoff Game


Whenever two cities clash in a major sporting event, it’s not uncommon for the two mayors of said cities to make a friendly wager.

This week we had Denver Mayor Michael Hancock offering to pay Boston Mayor Tom Menino in beer should the Patriots beat the Broncos.

“We have the best…. Colorado Rocky beer? Uck,” Menino said.

Clearly Menino hasn’t been to Colorado, which is often considered the Napa Valley of beers.

Instead, Hancock will buy Menino a steak dinner and he will wear a Patriots’ jersey to a public event if the Broncos lose. If the Broncos prevail, Menino will buy Hancock a lobster dinner and put a Tim Tebow jersey on the city’s Paul Revere statue.

Here’s hoping history will help the Broncos who face a Patriots team that has lost their past three playoff games. The Broncos are 2-0 in playoff games against the Patriots.

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