Denver Welcomes Essence Of Broncos Playoffs


Smell that? The playoffs are in the air. There’s an extra smokiness to the burgers and dogs on the grill, the orange is a little more vibrant, and that fresh Rocky Mountain air hits you in the face a little bit harder today.

That’s what January football will do to you. It heightens the senses and makes them something that you have to include in the bedtime story that you tell your kids and grandkids.

Playoff football is back in Denver after a six-year hiatus. It’s come back and it’s come back hard. The 12-4 Pittsburgh Steelers and their “entourage” are in town to take on the Denver Broncos who finished the 2011 seasons 8-8.

As I was walking into the stadium I saw all of the black and yellow. The orange and blue far outshine it, but there’s no doubt that the Steelers have quite the following.

The tailgating scene outside is one of epic proportions. I’ve never seen such a large crowd two and a half hours prior to kickoff, grilling, playing “corn hole,” watching the early game on portable t.v.’s, and enjoying the football atmosphere.

The temperature hovers at a brisk 35-degrees, but the sun makes it feel a lot warmer. Denver got a snowstorm last night, dumping significant fresh powder in the mountains for one of the first times this winter, perhaps signaling something special is going to happen today.

If there’s one day to believe, it’s today. From here on out, it’s win or go home for all teams. The Broncos strung together a six-game win streak earlier this season. A four game streak isn’t exactly out of the question for the mighty miracles that seem to follow the Broncos.

As you kick back and watch the game from the stands, from your coach, or from a barstool, make sure to enjoy what the Broncos have accomplished this season. Only the twelve best teams make it into post season play. When the Broncos were 1-4 in October, no one thought that we would be sitting here this weekend.

Raise your glasses to this season, one that was nearly dead. Here’s to continued success in the Broncos playoff push.

Go Broncos!

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