My Plea To Occupy Mile High


Occupy Wall Street made the big headlines in 2011, but this is 2012. I’m initiating a movement to Occupy Mile High this Sunday.

Pittsburgh Steelers fans are notorious for traveling well with their team. They do it better than any other fan base in the NFL to be quite honest.

It’s only Thursday, but I’ve already seen families decked out in black and yellow at the grocery store and at the local coffee house. The infiltration has begun. Does wasp spray work on these fans?

The last time these two teams met in Denver was for Monday Night Football in November of 2009. The city of Denver was not only embarrassed by their team’s loss, but they were rattled by how many people sold their tickets to Steelers fans. At least half the stadium was black and yellow. The ‘terrible towels’ waved mightily and when the nation watched the game on television, many thought that the game was being played in Pittsburgh.

That’s why we need to Occupy Mile High this week. No game is bigger than the one laid out before us. The team needs our help to play the role of the ‘twelfth man.’ Get loud, wave those orange towels that the team is handing out to fans, and keep quiet when the Broncos offense is at work.

Do not sell your tickets to Steelers fans. Chances are that if you put them up on eBay or Craigslist to make a buck, Pittsburgh fans will be the ones buying. If you’re looking to sell your tickets, make sure they get into the hands of Broncos fans.

When tickets for Sunday’s game were first released on Ticketmaster, only people with a Rocky Mountain zip code (Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, Idaho, etc.) could purchase the tickets.

This is a home game. Keep it that way!

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