Tim Tebow Searches For Balance In Playing Style


John Elway made a splash in the news Wednesday when he came out and said that Tim Tebow needs to ‘pull the trigger’ and let the football fly more.

Tebow has undoubtedly been playing conservative football due to throwing five interceptions in his last four games. He’s also had a slew of fumbles.

“I think that’s definitely true,” Tebow said of Elway’s comments. “I think especially the more you get into tighter games, playoff games, you’ve got to be aggressive. You’ve also got to be smart, but you’ve also got to be aggressive and pull the trigger at times.”

It’s a fine balance between playing aggressively and playing smart, turnover-free football.

“That’s just a feel thing,” Tebow said. “It’s something I think you get more comfortable with over time.”

There’s been a lot of criticism surrounding not Tebow’s decision making, but the play calling from the coaching staff. Many think that short dump routes and screen passes are the way to go early on so that Tebow gets into some kind of rhythm before trying deeper passes down the field.

“At the end of the day, we’ll try to give him some better pass plays to operate, and we still have to execute,” John Fox said.

While many eyes and ears are zeroed in on Tebow in his first playoff game, he doesn’t consider the Broncos just his team, necessarily.

“I feel like this is Champ Bailey’s team, this is Brian Dawkins team, this is (Chris) Kuper’s team,” Tebow said. The guys who have been here for a while and led us on this run. I think they’re the big reason why we’re here and playing in the playoffs.”

Nice try attempting to deflect a little attention away, but as far as the offense goes, this game is on Tebow’s shoulders, just like all the other ones have been.

John Elway said that Tebow is walking around with a little bit of an edge this week. If this is true, let’s hope that it gives the Broncos the winning edge come Sunday.

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