Tim Tebow Focus Of Denver Broncos’ Playoff Journey


All of the talking heads were out in full force during the Denver Broncos 7-3 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

“He’s hesitating when he throws.”

“He’s playing with fear.”

“He’s throwing away from his receivers, he’s not throwing to open receivers.”

The banter continues on and on and on with regards to Tim Tebow. Such is life for the second-year quarterback, but as much banter as there is, there’s enough success to balance out the orange and blue criticism scale.

There’s a reason why the Broncos are heading to the playoffs. That monumental 6-game winning streak (and winning seven of eight) in the middle of the season made Tebow a household name, and it’s made the Broncos playoff bound for the first time since 2005.

In Tebow’s final regular season game against the Kansas City Chiefs, he went 6-for-22 for 60 yards and he had two turnovers (1 INT, 1 fumble).

“Our receivers did a great job, and our offensive line protected very well,” Tebow said after Sunday’s loss. “We just have to…I just have to get them the ball.”

Tebow has struggled in the recent past. He has 10 turnovers in his last five games (5 INTs, 5 fumbles), but he maintains that he is still a confident young QB.

“The three losses haven’t shaken my confidence,” Tebow said. “I’ve had to go through a lot of ups and downs in my sports career, and so I’m not going to let a few losses affect my confidence.”

It’s a good thing Tebow is still standing on stable ground. He faces the Pittsburgh Steelers next week who have the 2nd ranked defense overall and the league’s No. 1 ranked pass defense.

If Tebow throws for more than 200 yards and zero turnovers, consider Sundays his day for many reasons.

“That will be a great challenge, but I just think we have to execute and find a way to get first downs,” Tebow said.

Against the Chiefs, fans patiently waited in their seats for the “Tebow Magic” to come around in the fourth quarter, but for once, the team just couldn’t pull it off at the end. Down by four points with less than a minute remaining, the momentum from 2011 came to a halt.

“I don’t know about any mystique, but I am very grateful that we have another opportunity,” Tebow said referring to a question about the ‘Tebow Mystique.’

The extraordinary and enchanting play that the Broncos displayed earlier may not be gone. Perhaps they’re just harnessing their powers and waiting to unleash them in the playoffs.

Regardless, the hype surrounding Tebow and the Broncos won’t go away until their season does.

Sit back and enjoy this playoff run (?). Also remember to enjoy the silence coming from our divisional rivals.

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